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TV Go - Connection showing offline

Hi,  we're aware of an issue that may be affecting some customers using the TV Go app for functions such as the remote control function, or viewing recording whilst on their home network. When trying to do this, TV Go will advise that the set top box...

ModTeam by Moderator
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TV Go device registration - Google Chrome

You may still be experiencing issues with Google Chrome registering a new device on your TV Go profile each time you use it. This isn't the intended behaviour, for the best experience we recommend not clearing cache/cookies for TV Go after each sessi...

Kev_B by Community Manager (Retired)
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Virgin TV Go

I posted here a little while back about how the sign in process for the Virgin TV go app never works, just giving me a message saying "Oops, try again in a few minutes"The only reply I got was an email accusing me of working for Virgin Media. I don't...

Hodge93 by Joining in
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Error 103 on iPad Air

Hi alli have been trying to iOS into sky sports on my iPad. Has the app changed lately to stop this happening  all the the other stuff works super 6 and sky betchips 

Chips40 by Joining in
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TV app for windows

HiI had tv go app installed on my windows 10 laptop, this evening I couldn't get app to open at all, so I uninstalled it with a view to reinstall it. At the moment I can't seem to reinstall tv go app, if I go to Microsoft store and look for virgin me...

Virgin app.jpg
lello by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Sky on Virgin Go

I upgraded my tv package to include Sky Sports last night and it delivered to the box immediately .I went onto the Virgin app to check I could see it on my phone, downloaded the Sky app and logged in using my virgin credentials but when I tried to vi...

MN004 by Joining in
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Sky Sports News?

Hello allThe Sky Sports add-on is pretty good and I’ve worked out how to stream on devices - why isn’t Sky Sports News included in the package? Many thanks for any info.Colin

Virgin TV Go on PC

I am trying to use Virgin TV Go on a Windows PC via the downloaded app and all I am getting is a message that the content is restricted due to copyright issues. I have tried using it through MS Edge and Chrome and am getting a similar result. 

TV Go Log In Issues

Whenever I try to sign in to the Virgin TV GO app it never works.I get a message saying service not available / oops - try again in a few minutesI have tried many times, uninstalled and reinstalled the app etc. It just does not work.

Hodge93 by Joining in
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Resolved! Registered Devices

I am not able to watch TNT Sports on my laptop. I have the same problem month after month. When I switch on my laptop to watch sports I get the message that I cannot add any more devices. Each time I log into my laptop it gets treated as a new device...

PGW by Joining in
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Sky sports app not working

I have sky sports via virgin, logged onto the sky sports app (selected the virgin logo) but says I can’t view the channels.why isn’t it working?

PRM by Joining in
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Virgin go

Himy registered device not working on virgin go app, I can see it on my registered list but still won't allow me to connect to virgin go.  Any one that can help me please 

Joe2910 by Joining in
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