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Re: ITV sound dropouts since recent software update

On our wavelength

Hope I’m ok jumping in.

we have exactly the same problem. The ITVX logo starts barely visible in the bottom right of the tv screen.

The sound and picture glitch but it seems to happen mostly during adverts. The picture freezes but the sound continues or both picture and sound both freeze at the same time. When watching live tv from the tv guide.

we have tried the following:

Rebooting the Stream box.

rebooting the tv.

Unplugging all devices from the mains for 20mins

unplugging the router from the mains for 20mins

disconnecting all hdmi cables changing hdmi cables around and swapping hdmi cables.

when watching ITV1 HD via Freeview it is faultless so it’s definitely stream box related.

The only thing we haven’t done is a full reset on the steam box..

Not sure what else to do…Thanks 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi daznflo,

Thanks for posting and sorry to hear you're having some issues with the Stream box. Can you confirm- when going to the settings menu is the picture resolution set to 'automatic' 


On our wavelength

Hi Alex.

All set to automatic. And sound is set to recommend. 

On our wavelength

I’ve replied to your question. It’s still doing it, it glitch’s when adverts are on. Currently when watching the chase on itv 1…Help is needed..

Yeh it’s definitely more noticeable when the adverts are on, but also does it with content as well, doing it right now while the bond film is on.

I had no issues until the recent software upgrade last week, and I have tried a reset this morning, no change still doing it.

it’s odd you got a reply off the back of my original post but I have no replies at all ?

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hey @corky123,

Sorry to hear this has not resolved your issue, what I would like to do so I can go about resolving this with you is invite you in for a quick private message, this is so that I can look into this with you. If you have not used this feature before you can access it via the envelope at the top of your screen.


On our wavelength


I’ve had no further response. Would you mind sharing anything that they’ve suggested please..

Dialled in

Hi sorry for later reply, I was going to ask what advice you got lol.

after checking my credentials and passing security checks and checking things their end they want to send an engineer out to check and replace if necessary, but I don’t believe the box is faulty as it started directly after a software update. So at the moment as far as I know two of us have the same issue, therefore it can’t be the box.

they really need to look a their software and maybe roll it back to the previous version.

I will just end up unplugging it anyway and using BBC iPlayer and ITVX on another device, they work fine etc.

Dialled in

Hi Daznflo, did you get anywhere with your issue at all.

i still have the issue, I tried a hard reset, soft reset, I thought I would try Wi-Fi instead of wired network and it’s even worse, when changing channel the sound takes even longer to appear. And the glitches are worse.

when I get a minute I need to record the issue and upload it, for now I have turned it off and using my Apple TV instead.

Hi @corky123, thank you for your post.

We're sorry to hear you're still having the issue 😔

If you could record it and upload it, that'd be really helpful.

Please pop back to us at your earliest convenience and we'll do our very best to assist.