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Re: Upgraded to 1Gb but getting 500mb speeds

Joining in

I am having the same issue. I was on 500mbps before, and used to get around 450mbps. I cancelled my contract and just before my Sky install I was offered 1000mbps to stay with Virgin... I stayed and got the new hub... but I am still getting only around 200-450mpbs. Its as if the new speeds have not been activated as its literally no different and was the only reason I stayed and didn't just move to Sky and have cheaper 500mpbs with them. Lucky I am in my 14 days still so I might just cancel and still move to Sky anyway if its not resolved.


@BSquad,    the 1149 Hub and 432 situation is caused by the computer not drawing data any faster.

Boot the computer into Safe Mode + Networking and see what the hardware can do with the OS software and applications reduced to the bare minimum.

If the improvement is marked, then it time to start a prune of all the bloatware on the computer.