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Re: Upgraded to 1Gb but getting 500mb speeds

Joining in

I am having the same issue. I was on 500mbps before, and used to get around 450mbps. I cancelled my contract and just before my Sky install I was offered 1000mbps to stay with Virgin... I stayed and got the new hub... but I am still getting only around 200-450mpbs. Its as if the new speeds have not been activated as its literally no different and was the only reason I stayed and didn't just move to Sky and have cheaper 500mpbs with them. Lucky I am in my 14 days still so I might just cancel and still move to Sky anyway if its not resolved.


Alessandro Volta
Disable for your NIC energy efficient ethernet or green ethernet
get new cables

Hi @Nathan_B,

Thank you for coming back to me. I have followed your additional suggestions of disconnecting all other devices and only connecting the laptop via Ethernet, but unfortunately I am still receiving similar speeds of around 500Mbps.

What else can we do to resolve this? 

Many Thanks




Hi jamierawlings,

As we can see in the image you provided the correct speed is hitting the Router, if your device isn't this will be a device issue, does the laptop have a gigabit network card inside, is thee Ethernet cable a Cat 6 or above.



Hi Paul,

I don’t believe that it is a device issue. If we put the laptop aside for the moment; my iPhone 12 Pro achieves the same speeds on wifi, however on my fathers virgin connection (600Mbps) it can achieve the full 600 speeds.






For me, this Hub 4 is the problem: / because I have the same problems, before I had a hub 3 and 600 mb everything worked

Hi Rysiek2221,

Thank you. The Hub4 suggestion may make sense potentially. My father previously had the hub3 and now has the hub5 and when I performed speed tests on my laptop/iPhone on both I was able to achieve the correct speeds to the device.

I have had no such luck with the hub4 at my house.

Hi @Paul_DN

Apologies, I forgot to add last night that the cable is a Cat 5e and yep it's a gigabit network card on the laptop. So it shouldn't be end-device/cable related.




Hi @jamierawlings


Thanks for posting on our community forum!


The correct speed is hitting the hub and all signal and power levels on our side are within spec and fine, do you have an alternative (Cat6 preferable) ethernet cable to use with the laptop?



Forum Team

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Hi there,

it’s the same with a cat 6 cable.




check the hubs Operation Configuration for Max Traffic Rate