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Networking socket

Tuning in

Good afternoon all - hoping to get some support/clarity on a recent self-service delivery.

I opted for the self-service due to the fact that Virgin Media is already set-up/functioning within this area ahead of moving into the property, however found once moved in that there is 3 wires into the house.

1 - An openreach master 5c socket 

2 - A Sky shotgun cable 

3 - What looks like a standard coxial port

I have spoke to the landlord around having virgin media installed, and he is happy for sockets to be built internally, however due to the house recently undergoing a new render, does not want any holes drilled externally. Given that there is already multiple cables running into the home (BT/SKY) 1 - is it possible to have an engineer pull out the existing cables from the open reach connection, and replace with virgin media fittings? and/or 2 - withdraw the sky cabling and apply a fresh socket around the entrance point of those cables? And or finally 3 - use the pre-existing copper coaxial port for virgin?


Any support on this matter would be greatly appreciated.


Alessandro Volta

Post up a photo of item no. 3 above.

If you have a plastic omnibox outside on the wall (where the VM cable comes in from the street) see if you can trace any wires from that into your home. If the house has been rendered then existing cabling etc. outside may have been removed or have been damaged.


Alessandro Volta

A photo of the outside box or cable entry would be helpful too. 

- jpeg1
My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.

Tuning in

where the cable that enters the openreach socket startswhere the cable that enters the openreach socket startsEntry point to the propertyEntry point to the propertyOpenreach socketOpenreach socketcoaxial socketcoaxial socket

Hi - I have replied with images of the current setup on the thread, thanks 

Hi - I have replied with images of the current setup at the bottom of this thread, thanks for taking the time


Images 1, 2 and 4 appear to show a TV aerial connection.

Image 3 shows an Openreach socket and, what looks like possibly, a white shotgun cable for satellite.

None of these will be much use to you.

In image 1 there appears to be some black shotgun cable following the line of the roof and disappearing to the top LHS of the photo. Most likely that is satellite cable of some kind at that height but might be an old VM connection in an unusual location. Too small to see the detail of the cable.

Have you found the cable coming in from the street and traced where that goes to the plastic omnibox outside?

If you can't find the incoming cable/omnibox (because it has been removed) then you have a bigger problem to deal with.

VM's outside wall boxes look like this

Colours and styles vary and they may be branded with one of the old cable TV company logos

If you can find the outside cable and wall box, trace the wires inside.

My default cut/paste reply to 'missing wallbox' queries on here is given below. It includes some examples of left-behind installations you might find in a home where VM has been before.

Default reply is ...

Have you checked to make sure there is no other kind of connection? Sometimes there is no wall box, just a trailing cable. The cable could be hidden within, or behind, furniture. Occasionally only a very short stub of wire is left behind often hidden within a blanked-off fitting. A few examples of the kind of things to look for are in the images below from past topics.

A wall box may be branded with the logos of an old cable TV company (not VM). Past occupiers of your property may have removed the cable and sometimes they are removed by other installers, such as satellite TV techs.

If you have a cable/plug trailing from the wall, you may need a coupler adapter to join two plugs together

Also available from the likes of Screwfix, Homebase, Toolstation etc.

If you have a plastic omnibox outside on the wall (where the VM cable comes in from the street) see if you can trace any wires from that into your home.

If no luck, call the pre-installation and delivery team on 0800 052 1734 explain the problem and request a tech visit to install a socket.

Hello Harveyelliot13.

Thank you very much for you detailed post regarding a self installation.

As you have already opted for a self install is a good start, It proves that we have had services active at the property already.

Were you able to call our pre installation team on 0800 052 1734.

If so what was advised?