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Diamond cable wall socket

Tuning in


As per the title, I’ve received my home installation kit, however my property currently has the old diamond cable wall socket in a very awkward place. Are you able to provide a longer round cable, as the current one provided is far to short?


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A VM forum team member should reply here eventually but it may well be several days before they reply.

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Alessandro Volta

The contact info for a technician visit is the same as given on your topic from yesterday for pre-installation and delivery team on 0800 052 1734.

VM can provide longer cables but, if the socket is in the wrong place, you should get a VM tech to move it where you want it and make sure you have a suitable connecting lead.

Just edited my post. The wall socket is useable, but a longer cable is required as the socket is on the opposite side of where my current router is.

I have edited my original post in reply!

I believe the max length of coax cable VM send out is 3m which may not help you much. A VM tech can make a custom length lead for you and/or move the socket and check you are receiving the correct signal levels at the VM hub.

Thank you for the helpful response.

A 3m cable will probably suffice, but as suggested it’s probably best to see what the VM engineer seems feasible.

Are any VM agents on here able to book an engineer visit asap please?


A VM forum team member should reply here eventually but it may well be several days before they reply.

Hi there @Cinnamon11 👋 Welcome to the forum and welcome to Virgin also 😊 We're happy to have you here.

Sorry to see that the cable you've been sent is too short for where you need the box to go. As @goslow has kindly advised, this is something a engineer can come out and rectify for you.

I've checked our system and can see that you've been in touch with the team since posting this. Has an engineer been arranged for you now? If not, please let us know, we're always happy to help.



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Hi, apologies for the delay in responding! The engineer managed to fix the issue swiftly, so all is well.

On a related note, could you please advise when my landline number will be ported over to VM?

Hi Cinnamon11,

Glad to hear the engineer was able to resolve things 🙂 So I can confirm things regarding your number port, I've popped you over a private message.