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Hive Hub won't connect to Internet

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We had a Virgin broadband outage for most of Saturday, and since then the Hive hub wont connect to the Internet. We get a constantly flashing green light, which means it's trying to get an Internet connection.

Our internet connection is working though, generally 40mbs - yes it's slow but is quite normal for us.

I tried resetting the hub, via a paperclip, but this didnt make the Hive hub connect.

I have Virgin Hub3 in modem mode, connected to a TP-Link wireless mesh via an ethernet cable. The TP-Link network sees the Hive Hub.

Any ideas what Virgin changed during the broadband outage?



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I have the same problem

2 weeks ago My internet went off and when It came back on my third party router has problems getting internet now . It's temperamental now

Some days the router works with the hub in modem mode  some days like today it's not

I had to put the virgin hub back into normal mode today get the internet back on

At first I thought It was a problem with my router so i purchased another router but the same thing keeps happening ...... 3 routers I have at home now testing happens to all of them.  keeps losing interent.

Strange thing is a couple of times the routers wifi will still work but the LAN ports will not ..

I'm using my Linkys ea9500 router connected to the hub in modem mode for years with no problem till couple weeks ago

Seems as if Virgin has changed something to not make my routers work propley anymore

I did phone Virgin last week and they said monitoring my connection ...then few days later had a text message saying it all looks fine but its not as my router stopped receiving internet again last night I had to go back to the hub in normal mode for now for my wifi

But the thing is i need my 3rd party router as I have much better wifi coverage for my sercurity cameras ...these are off line now as virgin hub can't connect to them not good for coverage

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Very Insightful Person
After you reset the Hub it would drop back to router mode - have you returned it to modem mode in the correct sequence?

As per...

Once it’s in modem mode, the VM hub “MUST” then be powered off. Switch your first Mesh unit on and make sure it’s fully initialised (leave 5 min) and then put in the Cat6a ethernet cable from its WAN port to the VM hub (any port will do).

NOW… power up the VM hub and wait 5-10 minutes for The Hub to initialise and and you should get a connection. Use the recommended App to connect the other Mesh units to the first one.

This order only needs to be done the first time you connect the router to the VM hub. You might also set the SSID and key/password on the new router/Mesh to match that on the HUB so when you swap over, all your wireless devices should just connect automatically.


I do not work for VM. My services: HD TV on VIP (+ Sky Sports & Movies & BT sport), x3 V6 boxes (1 wired, 2 on WiFi) Hub5 in modem mode with Apple Airport Extreme Router +2 Airport Express's & TP-Link Archer C64 WAP. On Volt 350Mbps, Talk Anytime Phone, x2 Mobile SIM only iPhones.

Thanks John

I've tried all these steps but still cant get the Hive Hub to work. Might try it again as maybe I didn't follow the process exactly ...

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Tried again but still doesnt work ... will phone Hive tomorrow to see if they can help

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Today I talked to Hive and downloaded an app called Fing.

The Hive Hub can be viewed on the Fing App, so we know the Hub is communicating normally, and the Virgin Hub 3 router is blocking the Hive Hub in some way after the outage last saturday.

I need Virgin to review their security settings and see if anything has changed on their side. 

Who should I ask? Is it enough to post on here, or do I need to call Virgin?

Hi davem641,

Thank you for reaching back out, as this is a 3rd party Router this isn't something we can support however our Community are here to help, did you try what was advised by jbrennand, maybe try a pin reset on our Router first in case this is a software issue, push a pin/ paper clip in the reset hole and keep pressed in for a full timed 1 minute, once done allow 15 minutes to settle then try the steps advised again.



As the Hub is in modem mode, I assume the Hive Hub is connected to the TP-Link, which is now handling the routing, DHCP, etc, and is what the Hive Hub should now be connected to. So, you need to do your troubleshooting with the TP-Link.
SH2 modem mode | AC86U router | AC68U node

Thanks, but everything was working fine before the Virgin outage, so the problem must be coming from Virgin. When the broadband came back up, the hive couldnt connect to the Internet. It must be something that Virgin have changed. 

Nothing has changed with the TP Link or Hive, I haven't touched them, so doubt they need troubleshooting

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Yes thanks tried that but still the same problem

On our wavelength

Can Virgin run a diagnostic check on my set up? Some technical data on why Virgins Hub 3 isnt connecting with the Hive Hub?