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Cannot login to VM app?

I am unable to login to the VM app on my iPhone, I am using the correct email and password as I use the same to connect online which logs me into my VM account fine? Is the VM app login details the same as logging in to my VM account online? If so wh...

mpc by On our wavelength
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Two accounts

Hello, I signed up using my email but then had to cancel this order as there was a mistake with the postcode. I then re-signed up using same email address, but now i cannot access the new account when signing in it just brings me to the old cancelled...

Change account on email

Hi,So what it is, is I was a customer with Virgin Media before and my contract finished. I decided to rejoin Virgin Media but now, I am having an issue.Whenever I login to Virgin Media, it just brings up my old account and not my new account. I would...


As my contract has expired,  I negotiated a new contract by chatting with a Virgin Media representative via the webchat functionality on the Virgin Media website. I received my pre-contract documents, agreed to the new contract in chat, and later on ...

daz_city by Joining in
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Price increase on new contract

So I signed up as a new customer in January on what I thought was a fixed price for 12 months. However, I am now told I am getting an ‘annual’ increase. The accompanying blurb states:If you currently have an offer or discount on your main services, t...

Elgeet1 by Tuning in
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Re: Email address still connected to old account.

I have a similar issue to Zaxx.I moved out of my old home on the 15th of March and into my new home on the 28th. My Virgin Media is showing me my old account at my previous address. Could I have some assistance in getting the issue resolved?

sinalta by Joining in
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password reset

Hi I have forgotten my virgin media password and have tried (many times)to reset it  I have tried all the suggestions posted ie different  browser clearing cookies etc.Help pleaseNick

nickfen1 by Joining in
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Unable to pay my bill

Hello I have been with virgin mobile since 2022 and have never had an issue logging into my app. Since the o2 move I have not been able to log into my account to view my end date of my plan. My original contract has the wrong date on it and the o2 ap...

Cant access new account

I recently did a cross franchise move when I moved house.When I log into my virgin media it shows my old account details from the old account number/area. I called virgin and they advised to register using a different email address. I tried to do thi...

Cwhu18 by Joining in
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Hi TeamLike many others I am having issues turning off the paper bill. I have followed the following steps and although it shows as ebill I am still being charged.1. Sign in to Your Account2. Select My profile at the top of the page3. Go to the eBill...