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Quick pay

I'm so frustrated The quick pay app is constantly failingI've ended up wiring money from my back account recently I was late paying £15 (includes £7.50 late fee)I tried paying it again by your joyI wired £48 and it has been received BUT I've ...

Please help!! Im new!

Hope someone can help. Joined for broadband last week, router all unpacked & set up. Amazing speeds of 265mps in my room, kitchen, living room.....unfortunately, a pathetic 29mbps in my sons room! He needs way much better for his gaming PC, TV, iPhon...

Pollyp1 by Joining in
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Change account number

Hi I have a new contract and need to change the account number associated with my email so I can access the new information with the app

Ckuk by On our wavelength
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New Deal Offer Text

Hi,got a text this evening from Virgin about my contract running out and a new “exclusive offer”.when I hit the link it took me to the app then I saw new off er flash up and the “oops something went wrong”I then logged onto the website and had the sa...

sounds by Dialled in
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Resolved! Unable to reset password

Issue:I am unable to reset my password as the password strength is classed as “invalid”, even when using passwords generated by a password generator. I am therefore not able to reset my password and access my virgin media account.Reproduction:1. Open...

rc37282 by Joining in
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Cannot login to VM app?

I am unable to login to the VM app on my iPhone, I am using the correct email and password as I use the same to connect online which logs me into my VM account fine? Is the VM app login details the same as logging in to my VM account online? If so wh...

mpc by On our wavelength
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Two accounts

Hello, I signed up using my email but then had to cancel this order as there was a mistake with the postcode. I then re-signed up using same email address, but now i cannot access the new account when signing in it just brings me to the old cancelled...

Change account on email

Hi,So what it is, is I was a customer with Virgin Media before and my contract finished. I decided to rejoin Virgin Media but now, I am having an issue.Whenever I login to Virgin Media, it just brings up my old account and not my new account. I would...