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Come test our latest apps - join us at the VM App Lab🧪

Hey there, Calling members of the community – here’s your chance to join our exclusive team of beta testers at the VM App Lab離which we’re launching to test and improve our latest apps.  Interested? Head over here to sign up and for more information....

Kei_M by Community Manager
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Power of attorney query

I emailed Virgin Media with the poa document that is required for me and my daughter to manage my husbands account on his behalf (he is currently in a care home)  around two weeks ago. I have had no response to this since, but this morning I got a st...

Resolved! Need help with Billing

Hi, Since signing up to Virgin, I can't access anything in the virgin media app, when I click billing, then make a payment it says I owe £0, when I click anything else it just takes me back to the home page, my direct debit wasn't taked this month, I...

Maxim104 by Tuning in
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My virgin media app showing old account

I moved house a last month which involved moving my Virgin Media broadband service from one flat to another. However, when I log into MyVirginMedia (app or website) only the old, closed, account is shown. Navigating to the 'Manage account' page resul...

Call centre hung up

What a rubbish company I phoned to get help , I couldn't understand the operator and he hung up,  I have autism and and I explained I couldn't understand his accent and he hung up what can I do I still need help 

Resolved! Unable to view bill

Hi, The past couple of days I keep getting this error message. I have a bill that I need to pay but I can't seem to access the bill, it is also not showing that I have broadband on the icons at the top. When I log in on the website it is just giving ...


New account, old email

So not too long ago I have moved house, when i did I was given a new account number but it still has the same email address. Whenever I try to sign in to my account on virgin media I keep seeing my old account which has been made inactive and it is n...

WhiskyMP by Joining in
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Resolved! New account number

Hi, I recently moved house and got a new account number, my virgin media app is still connected to my old account number, and I can’t update it to the new one.

Can’t register MyVirginMedia

I have tried to set up MyVirginMedia account, but have been unsuccessful so far. It says there is an account under my email address and when I reset my password it says I can’t do that and need to contact customer service, it also says I don’t have a...

HJI96 by Joining in
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