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New account old account number

I can’t control my new account as the my virgin app is using the old account number. Tried to change mail address but the new account is already connected to my mail address 

Can't access account / verify email

Can't login without verifying email address first. It's been a week and nothing through or in spam folder.  Doesn't give option to request another email link either. Not sure what else to try? Called customer services who just told me to "keep waitin...

My new account

I reorder virgin media, but because of a mix up they cancelled the first order. So I reordered and was given a new account number. They have been and put the box on the outside and had a text message to say my account was activated and to follow the ...

Kazer61 by Joining in
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email management gets really difficult

There are a few things which VirginMedia should do to sort out the email system.1. fix the change password mechanism so that it works properly for secondary email addresses2. Rewrite the documentation so that the user can understand exactly what to d...

zena1 by Tuning in
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Problems updating email and phone number

I have had this problem before when changing my email and phone number online for my virgin media. Anyway this usually results in success posting here so can I get help with this again I have a new email address and I get verification link expired as...

Wrong email when registering

When registering for the my virgin media app, I had entered a past email address that is no longer in use.I am also not able to sign in because I am not able to verify the email address.How could I change it?

FlorianM by Joining in
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Complete your profile error

Hi,I am trying to log in to Virgin Media and cannot get past the "Complete your profile" section.I get the following error: Oops, we've ran into a problem.Wait a minute and try again. If this doesn't work, please come back later. (Code: DEF01)I have ...

eugener by Joining in
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Can't verify email

Tried to register through the app. Email link either doesn't cone through or the link goes to email link expired! Very frustrating as lots of people seem to have the same problem from weeks ago but it hasn't been rectified yet? Please advise. I'm an ...

EmmaCh by Joining in
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Can't sign in to VM on chromebook

I CAN sign in on my phone, either by password or biometrics. But on Chromebook  it asks for biometric? Or alternative by password but then won't log in. Says error with email or password

Chardy51 by Tuning in
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Account number not accepted on registration

Hello,i have been trying to insert my info in myVirginMedia so I can access my bills, etc. I could register, but when comes to inform my account number and last name, keeps telling me that “Customer not found” or “we cannot find this account” even wh...