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Area Reference code

Hi, I've rang virgin media helpline to obtain my area reference code which proved to be utterly useless as I cannot verify my details until I've registered online.To do this I need my area reference code for BL1 (Bolton) Please can someone help me on...

AndyB79 by Joining in
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Resolved! How to cancel

I am signed up to virgin, but I am no longer at the property this is linked to. I had to leave do to personal reasons! I am still paying the the bill for this but I need this to stop: I am not willing to let a violent man sit and watch and use someth...

Landline update

I am currently tied into an 18 month contract which expires on January 19th 2024. I have a landline as part of my package which includes Max TV, Broadband (256M) and a landline. I do not use or wish to use a landline so am I able to cancel that optio...

My bill is wrong

I received an email telling me:A file was attached with full details.Email was on 21st March. This charge was for six months from March 21st with no new contract which ends in September.The bill for April was indeed £49.20.You have now emailed me tel...

Ace by On our wavelength
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Password not working

Can someone help with a way to contact a real software engineer that understands networking please? While reading emails yesterday I had an email saying I had successfully changed my password when I had not changed anything and both Outlook and Micro...

Contract price increase

Hi everyone, I know that this post is very similar to many others, but I thought I'd add my two cents; my contract went up from £23 - £30. I appreciate that many of you pay more but I only get broadband through Virgin and it's still a 30% increase. S...

Sartois by On our wavelength
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Damaged cable box on wall

The cable box (brown box on the wall of my property) has been damaged for some time now. When I had virgin media installed, they decided to use this pre existing box which was worse for wear already. Since then, there has been a few storms and bad wi...

Re: Useless inept service.

@goslowhas made some excellent points regarding the compensation & credit schemes, but you have posted this in the general chatter forum which is fine - but not often frequented by staff. I'll move this to the account section so as the staff may pick...

japitts by Very Insightful Person
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