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Landline and deals

So my deal has came to a end and the new offer I have isn't very good, can u have Internet only with virgin media and your landline with a differnt provider? As I'm looking for the cheapest offer as I've decided not to renew with the new offer

Amielea by Tuning in
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New contract

Hi, I’m trying to get a new contract offer price, at the moment I’m looking at a spinning virgin logo buffering for 15 minutes after refreshing a couple of times and getting the same, I’m guessing I’m not going to get through to a page/ really...

Kennewby by Up to speed
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New Contract Ordered but not yet implemented

Hi Did an online change to a new 18 month contract and received an email containing the new details .  Order reference removed Order date Tuesday 19 March 24  Estimated activation date Friday 22 March 24. I have however just received my April bill wh...

Entered wrong email for VM

Entered 1 wrong character on my email now can't change it cause the account number is linked to it, can't log on because it hasn't been verified, can't message Virgin support because the QR code takes you on an endless loop to the help page which has...

Alex282 by Joining in
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Complaints - outstanding balance removal

Hi all, I’m looking for some help and maybe some answers regarding my current situation with Virgin media. Last year I decided to not continue with my contract renewal after I found out my old contract expired and I was getting charged more than doub...

Resolved! 89 year old

89 year old living alone in small 1 bed flat watching mostly freeview Channels but does get alit of pleasure from Sky sports, Eurosports, no devices, laptops or games consoles and mostly incoming calls on landlines. Currently paying over £178...she i...

Cordy by Tuning in
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New order not showing

I already have M500 broadband and decided to upgrade my package to the gig1 as my contract was ending.  I went through the process on my account, selected all my options and completed the order.  I received 2 emails - one confirming the order number ...

ariaj by Joining in
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