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Activating volt benefits

I've ordered the volt upgrade and received an email with pre-contrct PDFs included.On one of the pages it says this...There is no indication of how to complete the order as requested.Will this contract just start or do I actually have to do something...


Amazon £100 voucher yet not received

Hello,I bought the package I have given the details below, but a £100 Amazon voucher was not received.I have received an email on 08/03/2023 with the following subject " an update on your gift"Thank you for submitting your details for the following o...

rajlshah by Joining in
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Online Renewal

So it all started when I received an email saying my bill was going to be more than previous month... turns out I'm coming out of promotional deal... which I missed... my fault I had no letter or email, I need to keep an eye on things in future. Howe...

stevenjp90 by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Cancelled contract, no confirmation

HiMy contract is due to expire on the 6th October, I called on the 6th of September and requested the 30 days for cancellation to be started.  I was told I would receive confirmation of this, I have yet to receive anything.Would it be possible for so...

Need a hand bill tho roof

I paid £107.55 three weeks ago then I thought like a fool I'd try 550mb broadband less than 2 weeks I have overdue bill off £180.00 I've had it.I need these to happen ASAP broadband down to 50mb switch movie chs off any sport all off down to channels...

Dexder by Tuning in
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Resolved! Cancel contract

I’ve been out of contract for nearly 2 years and my bills are £150+ per month. My second box which I also pay for has not worked for over 2 years. I’ve called virgin numerous times to explain that I cannot afford the monthly bills and have asked each...

joleen84 by Joining in
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New package not showing on account

my package was coming to and end so went on to offers got the same package we have now for £48 a month, I had confirmation come through on my email, and I have now had a bill for £157.50.I have then spent 2 days speaking to someone over what’s app(th...