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Landline disconnects on all calls

Hi for some time now our land line drops after about 20 seconds on both incoming and outgoing calls. tried a new phone - issue remains 

Ex directory

Hi,Like other people on here, after previously being ex-directory I was surprised to see that I was listed in the latest phone book issued by BT which we received this week.Can you tell me how to again register as ex-directory as I can not find any l...

mdread by Joining in
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No dial tone Landline

Hi, recently for about a week we have had no Home Phone, it suddenly stopped having a dialling tone, I thought it was due to the wall phone being old so I bought a new one off Amazon. Sadly the phone is still without a tone and we cannot ring out or ...

jojimbo by On our wavelength
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Impossible to cancel Virgin Phone

I have been in touch with Virgin Media TWICE to cancel my COMPLETE media pack - broadband and phone and after each cancellation I have received an email informing me that I have a NEW pack - Broadband removed but I still have the Virgin Phone package...

Resolved! Home Phone Switchover Date - 15th August Or Is Before Ok?

I tried to post in the Phone Switchover forum but no option to create a new post! Well it's there but unclickable.I received a text saying our adapter will be arriving and to plug the phone into the router on the 15th August. We are going to be away ...

Poddys by Dialled in
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Lost my previous virgin landline number

Hello,My dad was the account holder for our household, he's had to go into care and we've had to cancel the virgin media phone line and broadband contract and put it under my name this was in October/November 2022What I didn't realize was our copper ...

Intermittent dial tone

I rarely use my land line to dial out but I’ve just discovered I have an intermittent dial tone, which is what I recall is the means of alerting me to there being a voicemail message.When I access my mailbox, however, the system says it is empty.How ...

BigGM by Joining in
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Resolved! Keeping my old landline phone number

Hello, I have been waiting since the 1st June for my old phone number to be ported over from BTI have made numerous phone calls and made 2 complaints and I was told this would happen 2 weeks after the 5th July. I am waiting for hospital appointments ...

bcg87 by Tuning in
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