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Over 4 hours just to ask to fix my landline

I have and still am wasting my life trying to talk to Virgin. I spent over 3 and a half hours today trying just to get them to fix my phone and after 3 and a half hours they ask me if the date for the repair is ok and I say yes. Half an hour later a ...

Whyhere by Joining in
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Resolved! Will Vonage telephone adapter work on hub 5x

I have a hub 5x but unable to get a landline from VM as it is not an option when I ordered broadband, it says in the settings it is disabled, if I subscribe to Vonage & get the adapter will it work, anyone know, what will happen when BT stop using co...

Landline stopped registering incoming calls

Hi,Can someone please check my phoneline etc.? My landline has stopped registering incoming calls. If I make a call to my landline, I get the ring tone on the phone I am using and if I pick up my home phone, I then have a connection. But, there is no...

keeop by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Hello, I need to book a technician visit.

I need a technician to connect a new fibre phone adaptor to my landline. The router is upstairs and the phone downstairs. Can someone advise as I cannot find anything on the website or by dealing 150

Resolved! Landline not working

VM were “working in my area” over the weekend and now my landline is dead.  The help pages don’t, and it seems no longer possible to set up a line test myself.My phone is via wall socket. I’ve tried it with just a handset directly into the socket,  l...

OldBee by Tuning in
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Fibre phone swap over spectacularly poorly managed

Looking at this forum I'm clearly not the only one that has my hub and phone sockets in completely different places, but there is zero information about what to do in that situation.If VM are forcing the change on customers, inconveniencing them and ...

Awal by Dialled in
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Landline switchover

Does anyone know why PR4 landlines didn't (or when they will) switch over to fibre on the 22/11/23 as indicated by VM?

Ian_H6 by Joining in
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Landline not working, only offered adaptor?

My landline seems to be faulty since this afternoon (can't make or receive calls, no dial tone). When I phoned Virgin tonight on my mobile and asked them to test the line, they had no answer as to the fault aftee putting me on hold for a few minutes,...

kittykat by On our wavelength
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Landline not working.

HELP! Spent 25 minutes getting absolutely nowhere yesterday. Customer service agent eventually agreed we need an engineer. Put me on hold to get one. Eventually put the phone down. Our landline is completely dead. Neighbours have been switched to fib...

Bill1782 by Joining in
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Landline Switch Over.

Hi,As the landline home phone service was switched to the fibre network on the 13th November 2023. Due to problems that I won't go into here. I have been unable to contact Virgin Media to arrange for the now needed Quick Start self-install kit to be ...

tremar by Joining in
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