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Three mobile can't call Virgin Media landline

Last Thursday (4th July) I noticed I could not call my home Virgin Media landline from my Three mobile - it simple just cuts off as soon as I press Call.  Cross checked using my wife and son's Three phones to call - same outcome.  I can dial out to e...

NeilB13 by Joining in
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Landline constantly engaged, can't make or receive calls

Hi, its been 4 days now that my landline has been constantly engaged, every time I try to make a call the number I'm calling is engaged (have tried lots of different numbers) and if someone tries to call me all they get is an engaged tone.I have trie...

DJFAN77 by Joining in
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Landine dead

No dial tone and unable to make or receive calls.  Plugged in both corded and cordless handset base unit, none working.  My cordless handset displays says please check line cord.  I also took front of socket (as per insturctions) and plugged into the...

Bansh33s by Tuning in
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Resolved! Unpair Sony soundbar from remote

When I setup my 360 TV box it paired my TV and soundbar automatically but I want to unpair the soundbar and can't see an option in the settings to do this. Any suggestions please ? Thanks 

No landline

Hi there, our landline appears to have stopped working, if we ring the number from a mobile it does not ring on the landline phone. We do not have a dial tone and are unable to dial out. We have checked the sockets and tried a different phone. I have...

Hales3 by Tuning in
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Resolved! Cheap Voip

Hi, My VM contract is up for renewal in August and I wondered if there were any barriers to stop me going for a true VOIP solution for my home phone?  Will VM be awkward about releasing my number to the new provider?I'm sure someone must have done th...

dauphine by Joining in
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Landline on new broadband 5X hub.

I've just started with a broadband connection, full fiber with a 5X hub. I've been told that using the hub for a 'landline' connection is not available yet (installation engineer). Does anybody know, assuming this is correct, when this will become av...

CESIOUS by Just joined
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