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Resolved! Changeover to fibre - Check phone line

Changeover date on letter 3/11. Received text on 2/11 saying "plug phone into router on or after 3/11". Did so but got error on phone "Check phone line". Phoned 150 but kept getting cut off. Unplugged phone from router & replugged back into wall sock...

Resolved! fibrephone not working

Hi folks. ,phone not working since early sept. I have had 2 engineer visits ,same chap, nice bloke.Last visit 1/10/22, said he would contact person responsible for migration from copper line to fibre again! Still not working. What do I do next? 

mike1620 by Joining in
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Home phone

Just been given leads for hub for my home phone as my original line has stopped working but this is not working either very fed up no been without a home phone for over 4 weeks

Need fiber adapter?

Hi guys, I received a letter and fiber adapter in the post from virgin a while ago however the adapter was crushed (package stepped on as footprint was evident on packaging surface). I called and complained the following day (2-3 weeks ago) and nothi...

Yanky by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Fibre phone connection

All ports are already used so what can I do ?(might have to cancel land line phone)

Valstat by Joining in
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FURIOUS! - no landline

We have not had a landline for a week - myself and my husband are both registered disabled and rely on the phone for hospital appointments etc. We had an engineer come out yesterday to replace the cable in the front garden but, he said he wasn't qual...

Cazzle18 by On our wavelength
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Switch to VOIP - no success

Followed instructions but no dialling tone and 'check connection' message displayed on phones. Using Gigaset 340A cordless.Delving into HUB 4 via I see that 'Telephony is disabled'.Online support suggested waiting until midnight on the 2n...

cirrus by Joining in
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