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Phone no dial tone

For the last few days we have had no dial tone on our landline. The handset says that there is no connection. We have also tried an old wired phone to check it's not a handset issue. The service status shows no problems in my area. Is there any advic...

acbrmw by Tuning in
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Phantom phone calls

I keep getting charged for calls i didn't make from my landline. I know its not us making the calls as we don't even have a landline phone to plug in to the socket and havn't for years.First time was a few months ago and i finally managed to get the ...

hudsond by Joining in
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lost landline number

I entered a new contract with Virgin on 29 March and let my Sky contract run out on 4 April. I requested to keep my landline phone number, but no attempt was made by Virgin to port the number before the Sky line closed down and now the number is lost...

premier1 by Joining in
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Phone line switchover

Last week, I received an email saying that our phone line would be removed "at our request". I phoned my husband and he called the call centre to find out what was happening. Basically, with this whole switchover to the internet phone line business, ...

Resolved! Chatter Anytime 0330 numbers?

Are 0330 numbers from my landline free? My bank statement shows a debit to a firm I phoned on an 0330 number. I can't understand why this should happen and I'm now worried if I also have to pay Virgin for calls to this number. I'd be grateful for com...

bertj by On our wavelength
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Fibre phone adapter

Hi,I was sent a couple of emails several months ago saying that my landline would be switched from the old landline to the new fibre service and an adapter would be in the post. Nothing arrived.Today I received a letter saying I need to connect my ph...

Connect landline base station to hub3

Been here before with this question. I want to move my landline base station to another  room where there is no phone socket, but the hub is in that room so i could  connect it to the hub3.1 I know an adapter is required, what type?2 Can the connecti...

Chardy51 by Tuning in
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Resolved! Fibre home phone change

Hi,I have been trying to get through to speak to someone at Virgin Media for days. I can't and have therefore resorted to this forum.Our Virginmedia home phone is in a different part of the house than our Hub, therefore we need an engineer to come ou...

Andy98 by Joining in
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Resolved! Phone Adapter

is there any virgin support staff on here who would be able to assist in trying to order a phone adapter as i don't have one. Many ThanksDavid