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Unable to make or receive calls on landline

For two weeks now I have been unable to make or receive calls from my virgin media landline. I have contacted VM from my mobile and was promised an adaptor to plug into my hub. This has still not arrived!!Can someone please sort it out quickly.It now...

BARouse by Tuning in
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Landline connected to hub cuts out

Our landline was reconnected to the hub last year. Since then, the quality and reliability of calls has been noticeably poorer. We can make and receive calls in the same room as the hub, but if we take the handset further away (into the kitchen or li...

aitch61 by Tuning in
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Keep landline number - same address - new virgin media account

HiI've had a read through some related threads, and i read i need to ring 150 (movers team) to have my existing landline number ported to my new virgin media account on my sons name.i rang up and spoke to an agent who said she didn't think that was e...

Mhuss78 by Joining in
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Resolved! DECT phone connected to Hub 3.0

HiHas anyone had a problem with incoming calls when using a BT 2500 DECT  connected direct to VM Hub 3.0 ? Mine works OK for outgoing calls but about 1/2 incoming calls we can hear the caller but they can't hear me .    If anyone had this problem and...

Mikedp23 by Tuning in
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Landline down and then up and down again

Since Thursday 19/01 AM, I've had no dial tone on my home phone. I checked the services status and it said all was OK, so I looked for the number to report a fault. Can someone tell me where to find this? I had to do a google search to find the numbe...

myss by Up to speed
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Resolved! number withheld

The customer care team say they cannot provide this for me? They said post a massage here?  

Resolved! Waiting forever to port my landline to Virgin.

I’ve been waiting about a month now for Virgin Media to port my old landline telephone number (“in eight working days”) from Sky to my new Virgin account. I’ve contacted VM four or five times, and keep going through all the same tiresome questions an...

Tony1935 by Tuning in
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Phone changeover to fibre

Have received e-mail stating changeover will take place on 24th April. No letter or adaptor as yet. As my home phone is in hall at front door and hub is in dining room beside computer only way to link up is under floor boards. There is a two foot gap...

Resolved! Home phone not working

Can I book an engineer to come out and fix my landline through here.cuz I have no land line and every time I ring up I get the phone put down.on.me

Mr1979 by Joining in
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