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Service - Cannot make/receive calls

How does one get to call virgin and get an engineer round….. no numbers , it’s driving me mad. can’t make outgoing calls or receive incoming ones for the last few weeks So bought  a new phone.- same problem        [MOD EDIT: Subject title changed for...

Resolved! How to get previous virgin landline number imported

When I moved I asked to retain my virgin landline phone number from my previous address. However they have given me another number. I run an animal rescue and my phone number is printed on literature and databases.  So far I have spent 3 hrs in conve...

Migration to Fibre Phone

I received my adapter and instructions in August. I have had a succession of calls from VM. At first these were simply explaining over and over what was going to happen, but I wasn't told to try connecting my phone to the router yet. Finally someone ...

Geoff_T1 by On our wavelength
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Landline not working!

Why is it impossible to contact Virgin Media? How can I phone Virgin Media 150 to tell them my home phone isn't working, constant cackle noise and cuts me off?

Landline not working,

Land line not working; it rings twice then nothing, but when I ring it from my mobile, it appears to be ringing ok, but no sounds come from the landline phone. I tried a brand new telephone in the socket but it is still the same. There is no ring ton...

grumpy19 by Tuning in
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Phone adaptor

After realising my home phone has not been working for about three weeks, I was told I would be sent an adaptor and it would arrive in a few days. I'm still waiting

Hilsb by Joining in
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Landline not ringing

Evening,I am not receiving landline calls. When I call it from a mobile it rings on the mobile but the landline dies not actually ring. 

rugbymad by Joining in
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Ex-Directory Request

Hi,I've seen that requests here can remove my number from the BT/phone book lists.Can that be done please?nands

nands by Joining in
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Resolved! No ringtone on Landline phone.

Checked volume, have ringtone and can call 150 & other numbers. When phoning home get the answer phone message but caller message is not recorded.

JeffF by Joining in
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Noisy Landline (loud crackling)

Hi,Loud crackling noise on landline. Started a few weeks ago and has steadily got worse, now phone is almost unusable much of the time. 3 basic phones plugged directly into sockets. Tried troubleshooting as detailed in Virgin help but makes no differ...

Blodwins by Joining in
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