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Complete and utter frustration

I have been waiting and waiting for someone to contact me regarding my home phone number port in.If someone doesn't contact me i swear to god its going to end up with my partner divorcing me,and its Virgin media's fault.I have even emailed the CEO.CO...

Hub5 telephone port disabled

I have installed the Hub5 and been advised by VM in an email that I should move to the Hub for my telephone service from the landline that I currently use.I have done this and looked at the settings on the Hub5, which says that telephony is disabled....

Jeffberg01 by On our wavelength
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line in use , can't make or receive calls

I've had  problems with my landline for 2 weeks can't make, or take calls,  I've bought a new cordless phone,  and the same message is showing,  customer service seems a shambles ,single phone from main phone point 

Home phone switch to hub

Will someone get in touch about sorting out my home phone line, now that I've been made to switch I have no phone downstairs (im in my 80s), need an engineer to reroute the aerial downstairs for the hub to be connected too. 

Resolved! Additional phones

I have a phone plugged into my hub but I would like 2 additional phones upstairs and in the conservatory.  I am hard of hearing and cannot hear the phone unless I am fairly close to it.  Also I don’t want to rush downstairs.  How can I do this?

bigwig25 by Tuning in
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Resolved! Adaptor for home phone for Hub 5

I have just received and sucessfully installed the Hub 5.  I cannot install my home phone as I have a Female RJ11 to Male BT Telephone Extension Cable and need an adaptor to connect the phone to the hub. Do VM supply this and can I be provided with o...

Jeffberg01 by On our wavelength
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21cv switchover nightmare (Business)

12/01/23 - PHONE: Contacted sales team to renew/upgrade existing business package which contained broadband, phone & second phone. The upgrade keeps all existing services mentioned above with migrating both existing telephone numbers to 21CV. 02/02/2...

Malik_23 by Joining in
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Need phone adaptor

Hi,I have just received and successfully installed the Hub 5.  However, I cannot install my home phone yet because no adaptor was provided in the box.Please can you send me a BT socket to RJ11 plug adaptor so we can connect our phone to the hub.Thank...

401g by Tuning in
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Resolved! New hub for land line

I received a letter telling me I needed a new hub to continue using my landline.I rang spoke to a young lady,no disrespect to here but she hadn’t a clue what I was on about,after 30 mins she said she was transferring me to a different department I wa...

dave60h by Joining in
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