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Outage in GU15 1EE area

Hello, GU15 1EE is apparently suffering an outage affecting broadband and home phone since 24th November. Yes that's right since November last year.Suffered home phone issues for 6 or 7 weeks, this was fixed by switching me to 21CV. That switch seems...

Phone switch over

I've received an email saying that I need a technician visit to connect my home phone to a new WiFi hub. Is this just because I've currently got multiple phone sockets, possibly installed by VM for a previous owner, which I no longer really need? Alt...


I have not had a dial tone on my landline since Sunday/Monday. Rang the appropriate phone number and apparently there is a local problem which is being worked on. (recorded message)Now Tuesday and getting the same recorded message, but when I do a ch...

HARR by Joining in
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Resolved! Landline not ringing

When dialling landline from other phone can hear ringing sound but landline not ringing. Tested by plugging other phone in and get the same so it’s not phone at fault

Tapleon by Joining in
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fibre phone query

I have received my new fibre phone adaptor for use with home phone. Date for changeover was due to be 10 January- however no promised instruction letter received. Can I find out if the switch over has been delayed for my area or if a letter has come ...

chill2 by Joining in
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Resolved! Landline not working

Hi. Since before Christmas my landline has stopped working (no dial tone or incoming calls). Checked all cables and in Superhub 3 shows phone as 'disabled'. I believe 'upgrade work' occurred in this area around the same time (Northampton NN4). My pho...

AGF206 by Tuning in
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Home Phone stopped working week after switch to fibre

One week after phone switched to fibre it has stopped working.I have rebooted the hub - no changeI have connected phone direct to hub - no changeBroadband/Internet through hub works fine.Trying to phone home phone from my mobile I get message "you ha...

SAF2 by Tuning in
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Resolved! Help no landline working

Phone will not ring but sounds to ring when you ring from another number carnt ring out either need phone as got a 93yr old mum who only uses landline!!!!! 

Virgin Promotion Keeps Calling

I keep on getting this number phoning us0800 052 1251After searching this number the results state that it is a Scam.  The reason I'm writing here is that we have been called at the time of writing this FIVE times and it's becoming a nuisance.The lin...

Zu by On our wavelength
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Keeping landline number

How is that following my husband's death, if I'm now to be set up as a brand new customer (a significantly cheaper option than transfer of responsibility), I can't keep my existing landline number?  We've been with Virgin Media for over 34 years and ...