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I was originally told this was happening last month but never received an adaptor and telephoned Virgin.The call agent advised it had been delayed in my area (BS15)I haven’t received any emails since and still don’t have an adaptor.Now the phone has ...

Resolved! SIP settings

Hello,This is probably unlikely but I thought I would ask any way. Does anybody here know if Virgin Media can supply SIP details for Home Phone? I would really like to be able to obtain these settings if it is possible, so that I don't have to use th...

Line Cord Error

Our home landline phone has been reporting a 'Line Cord Error' on the screen for the last 24 hours.I can't find any help on the main VM site that explains this.Our phone plugs into the wall, not the hubWe've tried changing the cable that goes from th...

LeanneJ by Tuning in
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No Land Line, no updates.

No Phone since Thursday Night.The is a problem but checking the service status is says none.85 year with no phone for nearly a week, its disgusting.Needs a phone for autodialling if she has an accident, so now paying for a service That cannot be used...

Resolved! Landline not working,

Landline not working. Spoke to VM who say there is an outage BL66AE. Status says no issues    

Call forwarding set up not working

SpoilerI have tried to follow the set up instructions for call forwarding however, it is not working. I am in the red zone. when I start by dialling *70, I get the engaged tone and can't go any further? I have tried to follow the set up instructions ...

Derby1 by Joining in
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Landline call forwarding

I've tried dialling 1765 from our landline numerous times to find out what my location colour is to set up call divert/forwarding but the number is not in use! Any advice on how else I can find out what our location colour is to continue set up for t...

Derby1 by Joining in
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Unable to leave messages on Voicemail

Hi although my voicemail appears to be set up when I dial 1571 when people call it does not give them the option to leave a voicemail. Any help appreciated Thanks