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Landline fault

My landline has not worked for about a week with the message saying check line cord . After trying the line with a new phone it still was not working . I’ve tried to call virgin media from my mobile who were running tests but every time I phone back ...

nicmcgaw by Joining in
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Resolved! Landline switchover monthly price

When the switchover to VOiP is complete, will there be a lowering of the monthly phone package given Virgin Media will no longer have to contribute to the cost of maintenance of landline cabling, poles, and no callouts for home phone wiring? If not, ...

kro by Joining in
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BT4600 Please check line cord

I also have a new BT4600 big button phone that I have just connected to the Hub3 router but I get a "Please check line cord" error message. I have tried with an older Panasonic phone but get the same message. Is it that I need to wait for the phone l...

Landline - ringing but it isn't

my landline has a dialing tone but when I call it says it's ringing but it isn't. But it rang before the change over to wifi? Do I need a different phone it is a BT Phone.       [MOD EDIT: Subject title changed for clarity]

Virgin switch over of phoneline not working

After my service was switched to my landline having to be run through the Hub 3, my Siemens DECT phone cannot detect a signal. I am getting missed call alerts on the handset, but no dial tone, ring tone or connection. Phone was connected to a wall so...

sreis by Joining in
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Average 10 seconds for a call to connect

Two months ago the BT connection for the home phone was changed over to the Virgin Fibre Network.On average it now takes around 10 seconds for the call to connect.On several occasions I have contacted Virgin and have been given various reasons for th...

No landline

Could someone please help in regards to my elderly parents who are getting absolutely nowhere in regards to having no landline for over 24 hours now? They have spoken with Virgin on several occasions and keep being given times for it being sorted and...

Arranging technician visit

Hi there,does anyone know how the hell you book the technician visit I have been told I need before the switch to fibre network? ( I’ve been contacted. via letter, text and email…) Tried via phone and gone through almost all the options none of which...

Virgin landline to Using Router

I'm so confused! Engineer is coming to transfer virgin landline to my router. Router is upstairs but my phone connection to elderly twice a day check in service is downstairs. Virgin staff have limited technical awreness of what's happening.. I'm so ...

jomogg by Tuning in
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