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phone line not working

i have been upgrades to hub5  1gb ..  original phone line was a socket on wall ,,  which is still the case  phone has been working fine upto 5 days ago when there was no dial tone....  i understand there is an adapter to plug phone line into hub , bu...

nmtea16r by Joining in
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No dial tone

Our landline has no dial tone since Thursday 6th July. At least I think this is when it went away. I've tried a different phone but no joy. Tried to report the problem but got disconnected after some 15-20 minutes. Not sure how to proceed. Anyone els...

Porting number to Virgin Media from BT

Hi all, Hoping one of you guys will have seen this situation before and advise:So I arranged for my sister to port across from BT (it was a SOGEA line / digital voice) across to Virgin Media. I’ve been calling the number from my EE mobile and have be...

Mr-R by On our wavelength
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Landline dead, can't get help

Hello, my landline has been totally dead for a few days. Everything is plugged in correctly and tested even with 2 different phones. I try to contact customer service on my mobile and go through the options until it tells me it is running tests and t...

Phone dead.Status says OK..

A relatives land land line has been dead for almost a week.The service status says there is no problem.It is not connected to a modem.The phones have been checked by sustitution.I managed to contact the call centre three days ago and was told that a ...

BT38 by Tuning in
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Resolved! Fibrephone

I two VM phone lines to my house and have just received the fibrephone adaptors. Neither of the incoming phone lines are anywhere near the hub and anyway how would I connect two phone lines to it. How do I connect my phone lines to the hub, presumabl...

daybar by Joining in
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No incoming calls

I have changed my service from Vodafone to Virgin and asked to keep my old landline number. This has not happened. I specifically do NOT want a new landline number, I requested to keep my old one when I placed my order. It has now been two weeks sinc...

Resolved! Fibre Phone

I've been trying to book a technician visit as my home phone is on a different floor/room to the Hub3As mentioned in your email, I called 150 to arrange this.  First, it's not very clear which option I should choose, and secondly I reached an option ...

Weird Calls from No Number

Hello, we have just recently got a new Hub 5, installed on 19th June, we then went on holiday and have returned to hundreds of incoming calls from “no number” These go on all through the day and night. Obviously we weren’t home when the majority of t...

Need EBUL v3

Can a virgin operator help me Need EBUL v3 i am disabled the other 2 people in my home are disabled how to get this 

tprronnie by On our wavelength
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