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Resolved! Home phone switch over

Hii have just plugged my phone in to my hub with the connector provided and restarted the hub but I have no dial tone and the phone does not ring. I have tried a couple of times. Any ideas please? Thanks

Phone cable

I too have just received a small cable to connect my phone line to the hub problem is hub upstairs  phone downstairs please advise solution  

Bryan55 by Joining in
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Landline disconnected

My elderly mother had her landline disconnected as she misread the letter issued. She thinks it is being reconnected today but how can we check if it is? It is her only means of communicating with the family 

WDM1 by Joining in
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Re landline upgrade weekend chatter to anytime chatter

helloHaving just wasted one hour on the the phone with virgin media can anyone tell me why the retention dept cannot give me any information regarding my account upgrade which i did on line and why virgin media have a different price for upgrade from...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! Connecting landline to router

Hello, I need help please.I  just upgraded to anytime calls and received the new hub5 router. Internet installed and all working fine. I’ve never used a landline in this house and do not have a phone socket on the wall anywhere in the house.the instr...

AjayTom by Joining in
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Resolved! Land line was dead. I want some money back

My land line was dead for four days (Friday 21st to Monday 24th July). I want a refund of the relevant amount of money from the bill I paid. Also, I tried phoning on my mobile to report it, but gave up after hanging on for about 10 minutes; my mobile...

landline dead

My original switchover date was july 10. I received an email saying that it would now be later and was expecting another email, but have not received one. I received the adaptor and have tried plugging the phone in but the line is dead.

peterr3 by Joining in
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Resolved! Digital landline service

Digital phone service switchover now installed with adaptor in the back of the hub.Use landline regular and I understand it works as long as you have an internet connection, which obviously I have. Engineer visited to ensure all was ok.My internet is...

Fibre Phone Adapter - no switchover date

My landline phone connection failed several weeks ago. When I eventually got through to VM customer support I was advised that I'd receive an adapter to connect via router. This arrived and I waited a few days but then connected it and phone. It does...