Swap your SIM

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Need help swapping your SIM?

If you've upgraded your device or you've changed to one of our 4G flexible tariffs, we will have sent you a new SIM card.
You will need to change your SIM to the new one we’ve sent within 30 days of it hitting your doormat.

Here’s some of our top tips to getting your new 4G Ready SIM up and running.

Size Matters

Make sure that your push out the right size Virgin Media SIM card – Standard, Micro or Nano.
The SIMs we send have perforated edges so you can just pop out the size you need.
If you're not sure which size SIM you need, have a look at the instructions that came with your device, or use our nifty Virgin Mobile SIM Size tool here.

3, 2, 1, SIM Activate!

You need to activate your new Virgin Mobile SIM within 30 days of receiving it or it will stop working!
If you’ve still got your old Virgin Mobile SIM just text READY to 789678 and we’ll send you a message to let you know it’s all done.
Once you swap SIM, you might need to turn off and restart your phone.
It can take about 10 minutes for the services to become active again (but please bear in mind it can sometimes take up to 24 hours).

If you don't have your old SIM to hand, just log-in to Your Account and in Plan and Device there's an option to activate your SIM there. 

SIM Unlock PIN

If you’re being asked for a PIN to unlock your Virgin Mobile SIM, don’t panic – it’s written on the other side of the SIM card.
We recommend that you look at setting up your own PIN as soon as possible. Take a look at your phone manual for details on that.

Turn on 4G

It might seem obvious – but do check that you have 4G data services switched on.
On an Android phone, go to your settings, Mobile Networks, and Network mode. Choose an option that mentions 4G or LTE (eg. LTE/3G/2G (auto connect)).
For an iPhone – Settings > Mobile Data > Mobile Data options and select Enable 4G.

Wait for your refresh date

Finally, remember that your new 4G service won’t work until the refresh date.
When you get your text from the team at Virgin Media to tell you that your allowances have been refreshed, that’s when your new 4G service should be up and running.

by Paul_I
on ‎06-06-2017 10:36

How do I get my daughters SIM updated? We have her unlimited contract which gives her everything, but it is still on 3G, and she has recieved nothing to change the SIM to 4G.

by rem1
on ‎15-06-2017 22:11

I suddenly had a message "not registered on network"  Philippines told me the usual guff - need a new sim card. after a week it arrived, a 4G ready sim card for a 3G phone? I am instructed to text READY on the old simcard. HOW? I am not connected to the network. The usual Virgin run around rubbish.



by ChicaGuacamole
a week ago

It's been over 24 hours since I texted to activate my new SIM and still nothing - any ideas/advice?