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+++Known Issue+++ Sky Comedy - F010630126

Hi there, Some customers may be experiencing degraded picture and sound quality on Sky Comedy (channel 112) Our support team are aware of the issue and are currently investigating We apologies for any inconvenience this issue may be causing. Best,

ModTeam by Moderator
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Known Issue: Clear and Reset Function - V6

Hi All,  We're aware of an issue when using the 'Clear and Reset' functionality on the V6 box. Using either of the following options will cause your box to enter into a starting up/clearing data loop. Clear Programme Info & Planned RecsClear & Delete...

ModTeam by Moderator
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Black screen perfect sound

I'm not sure what Virgin box we have but today we have a black screen and perfect sound - turned it on and off. Check all the cables. Taken them out. Put them back in. It happened a couple of weeks ago and seemed to right itself. But has done it agai...

Resolved! Programme Guide Only Shows a Few Days

This week, I settled down with my 'Radio Times' to set my V6 to record future programmes, and discovered that the displayed programme guide only went forward a few days.  Is this a deliberate change, or a temporary bug?

Resolved! Apps

I can only see 13 app when press home button on remote then go to apps and games. How can I get the prime video app to appear

Rj4 by Tuning in
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Error A01 - Apps not working

Not had a problem with the functionality of any of the apps (YouTube, BBC iPlayer etc) until today when upon trying to open one of the apps it does one of 2 things;- Shows a "one moment" screen before returning to apps page.- Screen goes black before...

Reneqxde by Tuning in
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Re: TV keeps going blank

I’m having this same issue. It’s driving me crackers. I’ve rebooted the box and it’s ok for a while but then it starts again 

Resolved! DVR serious problem message

HiThis green screen message has been on for 24 hours. I see from all the replies here that a replacement box would be required. If any one from the forum team could contact me to arrange an appointment, I would be very grateful. Have been trying to p...

Resolved! TV set top box stuck in a loop

Hello,I have this issue between welcome screen and starting...tried rebooting the set top box and hub but no joy.Many thanks

supersaqs by On our wavelength
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Resolved! My V6 TV box faulty

My V6 box is faulty and blinking red or going off at the box. I have  reported the fault and have to wait a week for technician to come.  Should i turn the box off using the switch at the back in the meantime or should I leave it on?

Channel activation - Premier Sports

Anyone have any idea why it takes so long to activate a new channel? And can I get it activated immediately? I ordered a new channel yesterday but the activation date isn't until Friday.

AMCK1 by Tuning in
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TV Youtube nagging

Is anyone else getting this message every couple of video clips "sign in for best youtube experience"?We never had it before plus there is also the annoying description put with Youtube clip.Is this VM doing or Youtube?  

Will1111 by Just joined
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