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IPlayer not storing my details.

IPlayer is working on every platform except VM360.  VM blaming the BBC app, later being much more helpful, but couldn’t fix. Back to VM. What happens? I get the “let’s get you connected” IPlayer message, carry out the instructions and it loads howeve...

fithawk1 by On our wavelength
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360 Netflix Amazon - Reboot needed every day

Just upgraded from V6 to 360 (same box) - Never had the issue on V6 - When accessing Netflix and Amazon most days i need to reboot box or factory settings to get working again - Software version 5.05 - CS Error message about network connectivity - on...

Jpartlet by Joining in
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Resolved! Two Tv 360 boxes setup to work independently

HiI had 2 tivo boxes in the house both working independently for recording.One of the boxes died and Virgin said they could not replace it with another tivo. I was therefore required to install TV 360 boxes or go elsewhere. I agreed expecting that th...

V6 upgrade to 360 no video (solved)

I started a V6 upgrade to 360 an hour and a half ago. All seemed to be proceeding normally, however I still have no video output to my TV. The white light is on as usual on the V6 box. The problem turns out to be my HDMI switch box which can pass thr...

tjfs by Tuning in
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V6 to 360 box - Unwanted upgrade

Can only see partial impressions on Medium web page. However, I'm sure our views are similar, and numerous. I feel conned as was happy with V6 and didn’t request 360. I haven’t contacted Virgin as can’t face speaking to someone, the other side of the...

910372 by Joining in
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2nd Box and Recordings

Hi looking into getting a mini box but there is no Coax cable in the room it's going in. Is it only live TV that you need this for as I realistically only need access to recordings so could I view these wireless on a mini box?Thanks in advance 

Willnoo by Joining in
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360 - JVC sound bar connection

Helloive just upgraded to 360 and now my JVC sound bar  started show the volume every 20-25 seconds.ive added an adaptor thing but now nothing from the sound bar at all. I’ve not changed any HDMI ports and all the HDMI cables are in the same ports as...

Paul9961 by Joining in
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