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Blank screen.

 My wife downloaded some programs to watch but when she attempts to watch them this happens. The box then turns off and then restarts. 

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Virgin remote not controlling amplifier

Hi,I joined virgin a week ago and bought two of the same sound bar/ amplifiers (for two separate TVs). JBL Bar 500 5.1.I can control the sound (via Virgin remote) on the mini box, but not on the main box. Sound is played through the soundbar, but it’...

Resolved! V6 box 360 upgrade query

Hi, I’ve just signed up for the 360 tv and have received the remote. My account has been activated but my v6 box hasn’t updated yet. I phoned virgin and they said in two hours there will be a link available to download it but still there’s nothing. T...

Sam19801 by Tuning in
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How to change pin, new customer.

I have just had the 360 installed and I want to remove the child safety pin. None of my booklets provide me with what the default pin is and I have also tried 0000. Can anyone help me with changing the pin to one j want to use and allowing me to swit...

Lev86 by Joining in
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Wrong Power supply

Hi I have just received my new Hub 3 and 360 box and the power supply connection to the 360 box does not fit.

Awadster by Joining in
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Resolved! Recording when no internet

Hi, i have recently upgraded with a TV 360 box (last couple of months).Currently my internet is down and TV channels are falling to load so I thought I would catch-up with some recordings but when I try to watch recorded TV shows I get an error sayin...

ollie-88 by Joining in
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Sound not in sync on BBC channels

Hi All,I’ve just purchased a new Samsung TV and Soundbar. Everything works well and the picture and sound on BT Ultimate and Sky Sports UHD is fab, however we have noticed that the sound is slightly out of sync only on the BBC channels.Does anyone kn...

Jacobtribe by On our wavelength
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Coax cable

I need to move my Virgin box from one side of the room to the other. It’s plugged into a splitter which feeds another box in a different room. Is it possible to get a new coax cable from Virgin so I can reach the box in its new position? Or can I jus...

New Package deal with additional TV

Just negotiated a new package and equipment arrived today.All set up great but it included an additional 360 TV but  we don't have another Virgin connection in the house so cant connect it.The salesman on the phone was difficult to understand and I a...

PhilD4 by Joining in
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