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+++Known Issue+++ Sky Comedy - F010630126

Hi there, Some customers may be experiencing degraded picture and sound quality on Sky Comedy (channel 112) Our support team are aware of the issue and are currently investigating We apologies for any inconvenience this issue may be causing. Best,

ModTeam by Moderator
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Resolved! Virgin 360 box giving error

I have recently installed the virgin media 360 box and am connecting with the wifi (not ethernet). I am able to view the guide for the live tv channels but keep on getting the error code: CS2004. I have followed the installation guide as is and still...

Old recordings on 360 box

Over the past week, a lot of previously deleted recordings have reappeared in my list of recordings on my 360 box. If I reset the box the list returns to normal. However, the problem comes back the next day. Any suggestions??

Gringo1969 by On our wavelength
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Virgin TV 360 upgrade

Hi, I have only recently heard about 360 and would like to have it. I have been talking to an advisor on the new what's app way of contacting virgin and they want to charge me £40. Is this correct no where on the website it says £40. I have recently ...

DoubleDee by On our wavelength
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TV360 upgrade

I've upgraded my services through an email with the "Winter Sale", its states TV360 box in the package details but have recieved no correspondence or new remote for the TV360. I have a v6 box so only an upgrade is required and not a new box. The emai...

Dunny240 by Joining in
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Resolved! 360 Bug still present......

When watching a recorded program and when you also have multiple episodes to watch, about a minute before the program ends, a pop up in the top right warns you that the next episode will auto start in 12 seconds unless you cancel the option.The bug i...

Resolved! Cs2004 error code

Hi, I've read all the other posts about checking connections, service status etc etc. I've carried out all recommended checks and can only get catch up tv, no live channels. When i unplug coax from 360 mini box in bedroom and plug it into tv, no prob...

Alibabe by Tuning in
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Virgin Software update

I received a message to say my equipment was old and my software could be updated. As I had a few problems with ny equipment over the last few months I rang Virgin and asked if I should  have a replacement box, they were talking of charging/different...

Panda99 by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Sound loss on 360

Hi, does anyone get intermittent sound loss on their 360 box? I have the V6 box upgraded to 360. Engineer has been out a while ago, said it wouldn’t be virgin or their equipment! Blamed the TV or soundbar. Note that no previous issues till the day af...

Craig914 by Tuning in
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Virgin 360 working with Sonos beam

After ‘upgrading’ to V360 after a long time on V6 within in minutes sound kept dropping from Sonos to TV sound and back again.Virgin no helpSonos no helplooked on here and ‘haroldino’ on here suggested CEC less adaptor Bought Lindy one from Amazon,pl...

RisoLC by Joining in
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