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TV Go - Connection showing offline

Hi,  we're aware of an issue that may be affecting some customers using the TV Go app for functions such as the remote control function, or viewing recording whilst on their home network. When trying to do this, TV Go will advise that the set top box...

ModTeam by Moderator
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TV Go device registration - Google Chrome

You may still be experiencing issues with Google Chrome registering a new device on your TV Go profile each time you use it. This isn't the intended behaviour, for the best experience we recommend not clearing cache/cookies for TV Go after each sessi...

Kev_B by Community Manager (Retired)
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Not recognising my registered device

My iPhone is one of the 5 registered devices I have for the tv go app but is not being recognised there is no error code and now I have reached maximum change please help. 

Farrie18 by Joining in
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Virgin TV Go - Only Available at Home error

I am unable to watch recorded shows from My Saved area on my iPad. Keep getting message “only available at home” I am connected to same network as my 360 box. Have removed and reinstalled app with no success. I can play shows from my iPhone and in pa...


I’m having a similar issue to many on here. Used to make use of the TV Go App a lot but now it’s just a useless icon on my android phone, iPad and laptop. Started last summer, went to watch something and it asked me to sign in. Signed in using my pri...

Resolved! Video unavailable sky sports app.

Hello. Just joined today and hoping to get some help with a sky sports app problem. We get sky sports via virgin and have downloaded the app on to 2 android phones. It works well.  Decided to buy a new android tablet to watch tennis. It worked perfec...

Andy454 by Joining in
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virgin tv go app doesn’t work on ipad

I keep receiving an oops sorry something went wrong message on my iPad when trying to load virgin tv go. It works on other apple devices I have but not this one.

Monic79 by Joining in
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Tv Go App stopped working

Hi. I’ve used Virgin TV Go app on iPhone and Laptop for a long time. About 2 months ago it stopped working and now won’t show Live TV. Just get error message. When click Now On Tv get error “oops, something went wrong. Please try again later”. I’ve u...

Adamport by Joining in
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TVGO maximum devices reached

I can see there are a few threads with a similar issue to mine but none of those have a resolution which is avaiable to everyone - they require private messages.My problem is that I can't use TVGO on any of the registered devices. I have 3. Each of t...


I need help, VirginTvGo app worked until recently. Have reset laptop, reinstalled app, reset password, tried chat help, but still can't log in on windows laptop.Ipad and iphone work with old email address but i can't access this on my la...

MPL75 by Joining in
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