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Missing brown cable cover

 Hi, the brown plastic cover which covers the cable entrance to the property has come off and all cables are exposed. Would it be possible for this to repaired/replaced please to prevent further damage? 

lindac9 by Joining in
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Resolved! Gone Away Form and Delivery

Hello, I was supposed to get my router yesterday (January 24, 2024) at my address, and instead received an email saying that you had received my email, and a gone away form was received, and it would take 48 hours to deal with it.I need a connection ...

Cable outside

HiMy neighbours are going to be building an extension up to our house and the networking cable runs between the houses. I need to get it moved to the front of the house so it won’t cause issues. How do I book an engineer?Thanks

Vckyuk1 by Joining in
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Outside Installation FOLLOW UP

So this is a follow up to my previous post about being lied to by Virgin Media saying they’re waiting on a council permit to fix a cabinet issue.After managing to get through to networking myself they sent an engineer out to my properly on the Monday...

Resolved! XGS-PON Business - which router

Nexfibre are currently laying fibre in my street, and as it's the only fibre available in my area I'm looking to switch to Virgin. As the only way I can get a static IP address is with the business version, I'm looking at going down that root.My ques...

Virgin media white box in loft

Hi there, we're thinking of getting VM as been offered a really good introduction deal. We've been in our house for 1yr and the previous owners had VM buy because we had Sky, it didnt matter. Anyway now we're thinking of changing to VM and our white ...

Delayed Installation

I'm on week 12 of waiting for installation works to be completed.I was due installation on 02-11-23, this has been pushed back several times due to pre installation work not being completed. Each time i contact Virgin they can't tell me anything, no ...