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Resolved! Add device to virgin router

I have a Huawei cube that I cannot get connected to the virgin router. I cannot find anywhere on the virgin app that allows me to add a new device. On the Huawei cube it says I'm connected to WiFi but the light is still orange waiting for set up

RankinI by Joining in
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Book engineer

My mum needs to book an engineer as her current TiVo box is faulty.  On 1st Sept 2022 she spoke to a couple of technicians.  She was told there was a fault with her box and more tests needed to be done which would take time.  A call back at 3pm was a...

emthegem by Tuning in
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Virgin media delivery

Hi there, I set up virgin media last week  and it was scheduled to be delivered yesterday. I never recenived any confirmation email or anything specific about when it would be delivered. All I was originally sent was a pre-contract summary and nothin...

Unable to connect Hub to wall socket

Hi everyone, Whilst trying to set up our QuickStart package we realised that the cable provided (to go into the wall socket) did not fit into the socket. After asking previous tennants of our house they said that they were able to connect their virgi...

mdpolo by Tuning in
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Hub installation

I received my new hub yesterday. The previous tenant had virgin media at home, therefore there must be a virgin media socket somewhere, yet nowhere to be seen. The only thing that resembles an internet socket is the one attached in the image, yet I b...

Pabebell by Joining in
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Spotter Request

Hi,I'd like to request a spotter please.My area is Virgin Media ready as the new houses next to my street can get Gig1 internet and anything below.I was in contact with Virgin Media support on Twitter and they said it was as simple as getting a spott...

BtwMatty by Joining in
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Virgin cable installation

Hello everyone. I was supposed to have my virgin cable and broadband installed today as part of them working with o2, and I was told to have the £35 installation fee on the date. However, due to extra works needing to take place, Does this mean that ...

Resolved! No Virgin media wall socket

HiWe have recently moved into a new flat and we were told that Virgin media was set up to deliver broadband here, but there’s only an openreach wall socket, not a Virgin media one.We tried to plug it into the SAT and RETURN but that didn’t work, the ...

Royley2 by Tuning in
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