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Broadband set up

I’ve just moved into a property and can’t find the virgin media box to set up my broadband. The previous owner was with virgin media so there must have been a way for them to connect…is it possible that they could have removed the box or connected in...

set up

Today I got a router from a courier, but I don't have a Wall socket, I've never had internet in the house, I don't know how to connect

Vita2805 by Joining in
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pre installation

I have been given dates for my pre installation . Trouble is the dates have been every day from Saturday the 15th october from 8am till 6pm and todate Friday 21st october no one has been . So that is 7 days worth of no show . what's going on . 

Superhub 5 Warnings

Hi,Just had a Superhub delivered as part of my move to 1Gb. I have installed this and stuck it in to modem mode, It all seems to be working OK, not maxing out the 1Gb port but it's not too far off and the latency is so-so, the same as it was previous...

keeop by On our wavelength
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Hub 5 availability?

Hi there - I got an email earlier this year inviting me to claim a Hub 5 free of charge. I didn't take up the offer at the time but my superhub 2 only now links at 100mbps in modem mode (port on back flashing amber only) and may be on its way out. Ho...

chunder by Tuning in
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