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Moving Home - New Hardware

After so many years living in my home town.  I had VM for 14 years.Now am looking for rented houses in home town to move into.When moving into a house would the engineer install new hardware eg:-Superhub 5 modemand 2 streaming boxes for the houseeg L...

tecky7 by On our wavelength
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Digging up drive for installation

I'm a current virgin media broadband customer due to shortly move house.Virgin is available in the new property but has not previously been connected.I'm concerned because its a town house (essentially terraced with houses connected on either side) a...

luke359 by Joining in
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New internal connection box

We have an old telewest connection box inside the house. I.E where cabling comes into the house.We have a phone and house alarm plugged into it. The box is really old (as I said has the telewest logo on it) Is this generic thing or would I need to ge...

Repull No Show

Was supposed to have a repull team this morning between 8 and 1....nobody has showed up. Ive been waiting for 3 weeks for this after a previous 2 week wait for the technician to turn up despite me telling customer services i needed a repull.It is hol...

Jimlad73 by Tuning in
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Installation experience

I just thought I would take the time to share details of my installation experience. My area has only just recently gone live with Virgin Media. The network in my area is all full fibre using the BT telegraph poles. Within a couple of days of placing...

Advice - new user

Hi All. Wanted some advice please on what package we need. Just want broadband, no phone line (can I do that?). To run a firestick, xbox and a PC gamer. Plus general WiFi to mobiles/tablets to stream Netflix.What do I need?If any of you kind folks co...

kikyo by Joining in
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