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HUB 5 power adapter missing

My quickstart package for the HUB 5 router is missing the power supply.  Two calls to virgin later, and I'm still without the power supply with little hope of the issue being resolved in a sensible fashion (i.e. mailing out a replacement supply!).  D...

Resolved! No engineer installation date!!!

Hi,Just wondering if anyone knows why we can't get an engineer installation date for M200 Fibre??We initially signed up on 12th September and booked an engineer date for 7th October. We then rescheduled to 20th October due to house renovations (confi...

My self-install package not delivered

Hi,I have changed my delivery address to receive the self-install package, but it hasn't been delivered until today. In the tracking platform it was said that the package is already in the local depo since Thursday. I have made an appointment with th...

Arvi by Joining in
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Old NTL Box setup

Hello!  I'm looking to get broadband in my flat but all I can find in terms of set up is this old NTL Box. Would I be able to get broadband through this? And would it be a self install or something a technician would have to do? TIA!

EFKettle by Joining in
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Outside virgin media box damaged

Hello, I hope somebody from VM can help me with this.The outside virgin media cable box / cover is broken. I have tried my best to make it secure but I am concerned about the cabling integrity. I couldn't find anywhere on the Virgin Media help site a...