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Resolved! Want to join Virgin Media

Hi,Is there any way to speak to someone to join Virgin Media? The web page says we can get the service but they have never run cables to our house and dont want the driveway dug up!Can they issue by fitting fibre cable from the telegraph pole instead...

carter69 by Settling in
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Resolved! Name of cable used for Hub 3.0

Hi, Does anyone know the technical name of that white cable that connects the Hub 3.0 to the wall outlet?I need to buy a new one to move my router, and I just want to triple check I get the correct one. Cheers 

Gazzzzyy by Joining in
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Pre Install concerns can anyone help?

I'm hoping someone from Virgin can help with this as I've got nowhere and been lied to and misled when trying to by phone.  I apologise this is going to be long.  Ordered M125 Big Bundle early last week and emailed activation date 23 March 2023 along...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! Court Action

I have spent nearly £200 on temporary internet waiting for VM to connect me. I raised complaint after complaint that they resolve with out speaking to me or contacting me.they told me to cancel my installation so they could escalate my complaint and ...

Resolved! Doing house renovations

Hi, I dont want anything moved!  I am having some building work done in my living room. I intend on removing all electrical items including my VM black box and wiring. Should I put a plastic bag over the wall box to prevent dust getting in it, or wil...

Book engineer

I need to book an appointment for an engineer to come and move my phone line to the new fibre line as my router is nowhere near the phone point and my house alarm is connected to my phone line 

Resolved! Need a longer cable

I am a new customer and have discovered that the cable connecting my virgin box isn’t long enough, is there somewhere I can get a longer one? Thanks. 

Smgg by Joining in
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