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Outside cable cover - faulty

Hello - I have seen other posts with similar issues and hoping someone can help us.This is the state of the cable cover outside our house where our service enters. It falls off all the time and is liable to render our service faulty due to water ingr...

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Superhub 3 Fault

Hi, having a problem with the Superhub 3 that a lot of people have reported, solid red light. The hub is not in Modem mode, it is well ventilated and I have tried rebooting many times (solid red light returns). Not overly hot to touch but does slow d...

Resolved! New house found cut wire

Got a call about my old house connection being taken over by its new owners, and while on the on the phone I updated address, upgraded package, and eagerly awaited new hub3 which arrived late this afternoon. Upon installing the new hub, I fitted the ...

Resolved! WFH network issues

We recently returned to Virgin broadband (Tuesday) and today is the first time that I've tried working from home and I'm having all sorts of problems staying connected to my works' network. When we had VM broadband several months ago I never experien...

tony7bear by On our wavelength
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Question about relocating the router

Hello again everyone so just wanted to ask would it be possible to relocate my router to my room using the tv coax which is already an existing connection in the entire house? so basicallyUPC box from outside > TV coax junction > the coax in my room ...

star99 by Joining in
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Can't Set Up Broadband

Hello, I received my Virgin broadband hub yesterday, but I didn't have any wires to connect it as the virgin box on the wall does not have a corresponding fit.Would I need to get an engineer out?

Jammeus by Tuning in
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