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Switch Over In Same Household

So after unsuccessful contract negotiation/retention calls, we've decided to cancel our broadband currently held in my partner's name. I've now taken up a new contract in my name as a new customer and an expecting the hub to be delivered for self set...

tryol0 by Joining in
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Need wall socket

Long story short, I need an engineer to come and re-install the coax from the brown box outside as whichever company supplied the previous tennants internet/phone has cut the virgin media cable outside to install their own cable through the hole

No virgin socket

HelloI just moved to a new apartment and Virgin broadband is available in this area, I received my Hub 3 today plugged all the cables( Sat 1+2 sockets)but only the green light keep flashing. There are no virgin sockets on the wall.I have booked a tec...

Fotios by Joining in
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Joining virgin

Hi I'm wanting to join virgin and can't find my address on the address checker. After a bit of research turns out my neighbour has two vigin lines so I'm assuming one of those is mine? My neighbours on the other side have virgin also but I believe th...

Resolved! Complaint

Hi does anyone know if there is a complaints line? Stayed in all day Sunday waiting on delivery of my kit when an email from Yodel advising they had delivered the kit yet no deliveries had been made. Contacted yodel through who showed a picture of sa...

Rocklyn by Joining in
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Oder confirmation

Hi i need help iv order just broadband iv got pre contract and email to say the next step is to confim my delivery date but iv bot heard anything and my date os coming soon for when they sed it would be delivered i need to help woth this

Problem with new box

Hello! We've received a new Hub3 yesterday and followed the instructions, but it doesn't connect to the Internet. It is most likely a problem with the cable in the wall. We had sky when we moved in and I think the previous owner had BT. We have the n...

Zuz29 by Joining in
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