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Resolved! Use of ntlworld cabling

I have signed-up for a fibre package and see that it requires a virgin wall box with a coax connector.  I don't have one of these.What I do have is an (old) ntlworld cable connection box with coax connectors - but it's not where I want to locate the ...

Resolved! Router relocation

Hello,I would like to move my router from its current location, which would (potentially) involve extending existing wiring and drilling a hole from the outside of the house to pipe the cable thoughCan someone kindly book me a technician visit for th...

New build connection

im moving into a new build home on 16th Jan 23 which is on an existing estate (been built around 15 years). The home is one of 4 new builds on the estate. 2 are complete 2 are due to complete in April 2023. virgin media is available to all of the hou...

MattBall by Tuning in
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Pre installation

Hi, I’m new to Virgin Media. My wife signed up to the virgin ultimate volt package back in November and was given a pre installation date of 9th December. No one showed up. My wife contacted virgin, to find that our order had not been processed. 2 da...

Smiffie by Tuning in
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Booking a pre-install site survey

Hi,I've recently moved into a new property and was wondering if it is possible to get a site survey done ahead of installation? Although the availability checker confirms Virgin is available at my property I know that there have been significant chan...

12 hours to setup but not in

I am new customer who received my QuickStart broadband kit yesterday. Today I have had a text to say I need to setup the kit within 12 hours but I am unable to do so as I am yet to move into the property. What do I need to do? 

Jwl1998 by Joining in
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Resolved! Socket

Hello I have just received my virgin media wifi in the post it is a quickstart one but I don't have the virgin media socket in my flat, I need to book an engineer to come our and install one for me, but will it cost me anything?