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New Customer & need help asap!

I signed up to broadband as a new customer a few days ago, I got my contract letters but no details about an account number or confirmation of when my wifi will be delivered. I have realised I have made a small mistake when I signed up and need to ma...

Incompetent call centre agents

I spent the last two days trying to sign up for Virgin broadband and I've become increasingly frustrated at how shockingly bad the call centre agents are.The first two (non English speaking) I encountered via the online chat couldn't string together ...

Quietlee by Just joined
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Neighbour has severed my cable

My neighbour has cut through the cable serving my connection that has been located in his garden. A new wall was built years ago and the builders relocated the cable the other side of the wall and into the garden rather than in the channel in front o...

Psmiffy by Tuning in
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Super hub 3 red light

Hi,I am having a problem with the Superhub 3 that a lot of people have reported, solid red light; it is well ventilated and I have tried rebooting many times - taken out and put back all cables (solid red light returns).Not overly hot to touch but do...

Cable trip hazzard (from street)

Hello!I'm looking for help from an Engineer as the cable from the street has lifted, and kids that walk past our house keep tripping over it, pulling it up even further. Now the green trunking the cables in is poking in the air.....Is it possible to ...

Bozzy by On our wavelength
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Exposed cable on driveway

 Hi there,The VM cable feeding my property has become exposed since it was installed a couple of years ago. It’s not damaged yet, but having seen similar posts on the forum, feels like it needs an engineering team to come out and sink it deeper and c...

jamesc77 by Tuning in
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