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Connecting cable from hub to TiVo box

  Just moved into a new house and received a self install kit from VM. The cable labelled “TV” that runs from the splitter to the Tv box does not fit into the port in back of TiVo box. I think I need a connector adapter. Can someone advise please , i...

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Wifi installation flashing green light

Hi there, I’ve installed 3 maybe 4 VM Hub 3 wifi boxes before but I’ve never experienced this issue.I’ve just moved into a new flat and obviously made sure that virgin was compatible with the property (which they said it was) before buying it. But on...

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Hi , thanks for letting me in this group , I need some help before I have a nervous breakdown . many years ago VM installed 5 cables that go though my front yard wall ( not the wall on my house ) and up at a 45 degree angle into a VM cable box that i...

Broadband Installation delays

Hi all,I’ve had a couple of delays to my BB installation, which doesn’t give me much confidence it’ll be sorted on the latest date shared today. Here’s the timeline, please can someone give me some pointers about how best to address this with VM?orde...

Ordering 2nd Wi-Fi Pod Error

I recently had internet installed and had to complain in order to get a Wi-Fi pod as the signal does not reach all areas of the house. I’ve used the Connect App again to scan the rooms that still have poor signal but it will not allow me to order a s...


Move access point

Current position is located in the bottom left corner of living room, we are getting some cupboards put in that would obscure the access point, so need it relocating. From previous forums cost is £25.00. I would like to book an engineer to carry out ...

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