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Multiple Internet losses daily, up to 30 x 4 min

On our wavelength

I get up to 30 "Internet not available" sessions of around four minutes each time. I have used short and long resets, no change. Reduced the devices, no change. It's almost better to hot-spot my phone than use this now. Had an engineer booked yesterday, that magically cancelled and was booked today. If I'm in and they fail to show, do I get £25?

I'm at the point of needing this contract cancelled. It's 1Gig, Hub5, but it's appalling. I have to work from home and it can't hold a connection long enough to Teams or keep connected to central files, it compromises my security system and I have no idea what to try next! 


On our wavelength

And now the engineer is a no show, I get to wait in and no call, nothing. If I was out, you'd bill me £25. Guess you'll be sending me £25 for a wasted afternoon? 

Hi Adam,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome, sorry for any inconvenience your recent fault has caused and that you had to reach out due to the technician not arriving, I was able to locate you on our system with the details we have for you and it looks like this may have been resolved.

Did the Technician attend, has this now been resolved, if it has what was the issue?



The technician attended, first visit didn't quite resolve it with a change of connector, but the second visit, new hub and change of box connection and attenuator seems to have worked so far. Technician was great, really worked to set this right.

Hi @adamgale1966 

Thanks for coming back to us and great to hear all sorted 🙂

Please do pop back if you ever need further help.

Forum Team

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