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Hive Hub won't connect to Internet

On our wavelength

We had a Virgin broadband outage for most of Saturday, and since then the Hive hub wont connect to the Internet. We get a constantly flashing green light, which means it's trying to get an Internet connection.

Our internet connection is working though, generally 40mbs - yes it's slow but is quite normal for us.

I tried resetting the hub, via a paperclip, but this didnt make the Hive hub connect.

I have Virgin Hub3 in modem mode, connected to a TP-Link wireless mesh via an ethernet cable. The TP-Link network sees the Hive Hub.

Any ideas what Virgin changed during the broadband outage?



On our wavelength

Thanks Paul

I have but haven't found anything. But both sides blaming the other isn't helping solve the problem. The Hive Hub is connected to the Virgin Hub, but cant connect to the Internet. The problem is either the Hive Hub is broken, or the Virgin Hub/ connection. I need to eliminate one, so for over a month now I have been asking Virgin if they could run diagnostic tests on their kit. This support website hasn't been able to help me, so I will contact Virgin support directly.
Thanks, Dave


Use the Hive app to reconnect after an outage, 

Thanks for coming back to us @davem641.

Can you please confirm if the Virgin Media hub is having any issues connecting to any other devices at all? 

If there are multiple devices that are struggling over a wired and Wi-Fi connection, this may symbolise an issue with our equipment/connection.

If the Hive hub is the only device, this is likely to be an issue Hive need to address.

Kindest regards,


I am also having the same issues. Virgin was originally in my name and had the Hive installed in to my Hub 3 (via ethernet). I since cancelled and my partner signed up in her name and we had a new hub 5 installed.

Since this, Hive shows connected in the Hub settings but constantly flashes green trying to connect to the Internet. 

Having spoken with Hive they cannot see any issues their end and have gone through all their troubleshooting steps. No other devices struggle via ethernet and a different cable has also been tried to no avail.

Hi there @Bruffell06 

We are so sorry to hear that you are also facing issues with your services and thank you for post. 

If only the Hive is effected then this may be an issue that you need to speak to Hive about. 

Joining in


Today HIVE team came to install HIVE Hub with my Virgin Hub3.0 router with Ethernet cable.

NO Luck at all.

I have read this entire thread and so many other threads. It seems there is a compatibility issue between HIVE and Virgin routers.....It is a shame that after so many months no solution has been found and and people are either leaving VM or not having HIVE at all....

Did any one make HIVE work with VirginHub3.0 at all?

I have the HIVE in blinking mode and HIVE tehch will come back this evening again to try.....

Many Thanks for any pointers. I have tried all the suggestions here so pls don't repeat the same suggestions...(pin reset, router mode etc etc).


Hi @jamal1974,

Thank you for your post and welcome to our community forums. We're here to help.

I'm so sorry to hear you're having some problems connecting with the HIVE Hub. Is this the only device that appears to be impacted, or are you having connection issues with other devices too?


Zach - Forum Team
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