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Not recognised after moving houses

I have moved to a new house recently.  A virgin media technician even came to help me move the new hub I was sent from one room to another. Now when I use my virgin media app it says "You're no longer with virgin media". I can't see my status or my b...

Unable to save contact number

Hi all,I'm sure this has already been mentioned a few times but I can't find another way around it, can I request some assistance from a moderator to change my contact number on my account?I keep receiving an error message that says "Sorry, the chang...

Sami93 by Tuning in
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Resolved! Automatically signs in old account

I have recently rejoined virgin media but when I try to log in to my account on the app and online, it signs me into the old account. Is there any way to delete the old account so it automatically logs into the new one.Thank you

Unable to cancel engineet apt

Hi. I am unable to cancel my engineer visit for Monday 11th September (ref 16530648) via the my virgin media app. It only gives me the option to reschedule it.  Are you able to cancel it ?Others had same issue and 1 had engineer visit today which I b...

Gibbo47 by Joining in
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Can’t log in to account

Hi, I can’t log in to my account because it says my details are wrong. When I try to reset my password anything I put in says “you can’t use your username” even when it’s not even similar. Anyone had this before?

Moved house, can't log in

Hi!I'm a long time virgin customer, moved house this month and my new virgin account has the same email address as my old virgin account of which is cancelled.I can't log in to my TV go app or the my virgin app As it just logs in to the old account.I...

Resolved! HTTP-504

Hi When running tests through the my virgin media app I'm getting an unexpected error occured . Something went wrong. Error code HTTP-504. access denied

Access DeniedYou don't have permission to access "" on this server.Reference #18.96b11702.1693319623.9c25d

EricZ1 by Joining in
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My virgin media

Someone we dont know has access to our VM account through My virgin media. i tried registering our account with my email and it says thats the wrong email, i went through the process off finding the correct email and it came back it a blueyonder emai...

odeejay by Tuning in
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