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Resolved! identity fraud

I was recently a victim of identity fraud (in February ) including 2 mobile contracts, ive tried to resolve this issue by contacting virgin but seem to be going around in circles I'm unable to take it further as i didnt take out the accounts so altho...

melox2 by Joining in
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Memorable word

I am trying to contact customer support via phone and it’s asking me for characters from my memorable word. I have never set up a memorable word and would either like to set one up, or talk to a member of staff without one.Please can someone support?...

AG2024 by Joining in
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Contact extended after moving home

Hi,After conducting some research, I've noticed that my contract was extended for another 18 months after moving house in July. During this time, I had been a customer for 12 months and made no changes to my TV package or broadband between moves. I s...

Rjc98 by Tuning in
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Netflix Premium

Hi, Like some others on the forum on my Netflix account when I select Premium a few mins later I get an email back from Netflix stating it’s been downgraded back to standard Does anyone know why this is happening as no one at Virgin or Netflix seems ...

pisaia83 by Joining in
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Contract ending - downgrading/renewing

Just after someone to confirm if all is okay. I currently have Gig1 internet only, and have been looking to move to a lower speed package to save a little money as i don’t particularly need all this speed anymore.Noticed contact ends 24 April.Went on...

Cheltski by Joining in
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Is it Really Fair?

I signed up with you in the middle of January via one of your local agents who posted a card through the door, we had a long discussion before i signed up this included me asking what the price rise would be in april, he said about 4 or 5 %, I think ...

How do I Cancel my virgin media?

Hi,I am trying to cancel my Virgin Media but I am having a huge problem. I can't communicate with Virgin Media because I don't have my account number as I have been locked out of my email account. Every time I call Virgin Media they ask me for my acc...

Fraxtom by Just joined
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