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Resolved! Virgin have changed my Contract

Back in February 2023 I was given an 18-month contract for M125 internet, Mixit TV and landline which I don't have any more. Back in May I suddenly had all these extra channels and thought it was because of the King's Coronation. As time went on I re...

Jayleen by Dialled in
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Resolved! Missing £50 Referral Reward

I neither my referrer have not received our £50 referral rewards after 3 months of service.Refer a friend is a Virgin scam.I tried logging into Aklamio after being told to do so by a Vigin media call handle and there is no rewards for me or my referr...


Hello,There should be a reward board.I had Virgin Media installed on June-2023 with a reward recommendation from my brother.Guess what. Nil Reward.Aklamio are as useless as a Chocolate Teapot.Does Virgin ever honour a Reward.

Resolved! Can't reset Memorable Word

I'm trying to call but it says that I need my memorable word. I don't recall setting one, so I've looked under Account Settings online and there's no option to either see or change it (there is no Telephone Security Details section). Curiously, my ac...


Removing netflix fee from account

Hi please can someone help me?!  My package now includes Netflix (I cancelled my separate subscription). On using Netflix on Sunday last a message appeared that I couldn't read, even with glasses. I obviously pressed the wrong button and I now have a...

Andarney by Joining in
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Contract length Reset after Moving

My original contract with virgin media dated from October 2022, 18 months long was in place when in December 2023 I moved to a new address. In the new address as Virgin media was available I’ve completed the moving home in my account. I was not made ...

ggoyos by Joining in
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