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Cancelling on contract after renewal

Odd circumstances but I need to change my package with VM as we barely use it and costs a fortune.Currently have TiVo, landline, Broadband (With Volt) and O2 payg sim (hence Volt)I'm out of contract on a bad rate and want to remove Tivo and the landl...

Friends and family

Hi, i've been trying to set a deal up for a friend and family discount, I keep sending the link and when he receives the email it shows the offer I've recommended but then when he clicks on the link the offer is no longer there? 

£130 bill credit.

Hi,I have communicated by phone and by chat, and no one has given me a solution. I received my first bill for £85.99 ( 2 month - 33£ & others charges £19.99) and my service was connected on 03/27/2024. When I contracted the service they informed me o...

Javo66 by Joining in
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Resolved! Extend cancellation date

Hello.I have had to cancel my Virgin Media package, but I'm wondering if I will be able to extend my cancellation date.My contract is due to end on 21st April, but I would like it to end on the 2nd May if possible.Thanks in advance, Ian Swift 

shar by Joining in
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"Free" Netflix with Stream Box

I agreed a new UK contract in January 2024 with Stream Box and M250. The sales advisor could not discount further but offered "free" Netflix which is clearly stated on my contract summary sheet. Having only just checked our account, we do not have Ne...

scash5 by Tuning in
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Resolved! Ignored Complaints

Anyone had experience of ignored Complaints. Raised 2 over that last few weeks ( plus numerous chats and calls) and both been closed with no response or update so clearly not acting in line with VM published complaints procedure.Just want to get a re...

Billing mess after Direct Debit change

 Hi, I'm hoping someone from Virgin on here can confirm my thinking as I'm getting absolutely no where with customer services on the phone. I changed my direct debit date about 2 weeks ago to the 1st of the month. I understand doing this would cause ...

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gtunney by Tuning in
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Equipment return issues

Hi - seems to be a few similar posts on this topic - but just looking for some help resolving my specific issue which seems a little different.I’ve recently cancelled and was left guessing whether I’d be asked to return equipment (I.e. told I may be ...

archibat by Joining in
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